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What do I need to do the night of the show?

As long as we prepare the event correctly you will have nothing to do on the day of the show but sit back and enjoy the show we’ve put together for you.    

Do I get to decide who will perform?

Yes and No; No performer will go on stage without your approval. However, depending on your budget and the performers availability this may be an issue, but we strive to bring you the entertainment you want to see.

Do I need to provide anything?

The venue we are going to be at may have all we need. We have sound and lighting equipment and are happy to provide that for you if needed. We also ask that our performers get a meal if applicable.

Will the content be acceptable for everyone?

Comedy is subjective and everyone’s taste is different. We cannot predict if a guests will find  be offended by a subject a comedian chooses to talk about. We can take steps to do everything we can to limit the possibility of offending people by having a “clean show” where our comedians do not swear and we can guide what they talk about if certain subjects are taboo for your event. We work with professionals and pride ourselves in booking the right comedian with the right event.